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These Authentic Gerber® Replica Training Pants Are Only For Really Big Babies!
Product Name:  ABU Toddler-Style Training Pants
Brand:  ABU
Manufacturer:  ABU
Made in USA
We went to great lengths to make these as close to an authentic adult-sized replica of the classic Gerber® toddler training pant as possible. AB Universe is constantly striving to make our products the most realistic babyish replicas of your true favorites from when you were a "little" baby. In that spirit we have worked diligently to bring back our ABU Cloth Training Pants with a new cut and double stitching design that is above all others.
Our brand new training pants feature a thick batting core that runs all the way from the front waistband to the back. The soft 50/50 poly/cotton mix makes them soft and comfy for all day wear. The eye-popping 1¼” trim around the legs and waistband will make you look and feel like a real big baby!
  • Adult sized replica of classic toddler cloth training pants
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit most adults
  • Available in white 50/50 poly/cotton mix with blue threads at the seams
  • Absorbent material stretches in one continuous piece all the way from the front waistband to the back waistband
  • For moderate absorbency, try with Ultra Booster Pads or Abena Abri-San Air Plus Pad with a contoured design for better fit in the crotch
  • Machine washable with minimal shrinkage
  • Made in U.S.A.
    ABU Toddler-Style Training Pants
        Item Size Item Qty. Item Price Price Each
      Small (22"-24" waist)
    White w/Blue Stitching
    1 Each
    (1 Total Unit)
    $34.95(US) $34.95(US)

      Medium (25"-29" waist)
    White w/Blue Stitching
    1 Each
    (1 Total Unit)
    $34.95(US) $34.95(US)

      Large (30"-34" waist)
    White w/Black Stitching
    1 Each
    (1 Total Unit)
    $34.95(US) $34.95(US)

      XX-Large (40"-44" waist)
    White w/Black Stitching
    1 Each
    (1 Total Unit)
    $34.95(US) $34.95(US)
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