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Weekly Free Diapers Giveaway @ ABUniverse.com - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore
Random Giveaway Introduction:
We hope that you will enjoy participating in our new Facebook Random Giveaway contest. In this new giveaway the selection of the winner should be nearly instantaneous, no more agonizing waiting for the winner to be chosen, respond and then be announced later.
The idea of this contest is to randomly give away products to people who directly respond to an official contest posting by ABUniverse on our official Facebook page. Our official posting will include who would win and how they will be picked. For example an official post might say something like:
"Two FREE pairs of ABU Plastic Pants to
the 20th person to comment on this official
posting (subject to contest rules)"
Because the contest is intended to be random, the prizes themselves along with the day that they are given away and even the criteria needed to win may change with each and every opportunity. The random generator program that we use will determine these criteria and timing for each new individual official posting. We will then announce the next official posting and giveaway opportunity both on the calendar here on this page and as a wall post on our Facebook page.
The contest is conducted live and the winner is selected live in a real-time exchange during the official posting to our ABUniverse facebook page as is indicated in the details below. Each of these official postings consist of a individual prize giveaway, and each still remains posted to our facebook page even after each particular giveaway episode of the contest has ended. Only one person is selected winner of each individual prize giveaway.
At This Time This Contest
Is Only Taking Place On
Our Official Facebook Page

(Be sure to 'like' our Facebook page so that
our wall posts will show up in your newsfeed.)
The official rules at the bottom of this page
will govern the execution of this contest.
Current Prize Giveaway Details:
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Time: For a one hour window, starting at a random time of the day
Prize: $100 of store credit for use just like cash to purchase anything at ABUniverse.com. (This prize cannot be redeemed for cash, store credit may be applied to purchase of merchadise only.)
Contest: Our official contest posting will be made to our facebook page, and will indicate within its text that contestants then have one hour to like and/or comment on that official posting. Those participants who do like or comment on the posting within the first one hour will then be entered into a drawing where one participant will be selected at random as the winner of this prize giveaway.
Important Note: Since the winner will be selected from the list of qualifying fb users who participate - and not by selecting at random from the list of comments - making mulitple comments to the official contest posting will not change your odds of being selected the winner of the drawing.
The contest is conducted live and the winner is selected live in a real-time exchange during the official posting to our ABUniverse facebook page at the date and time indicated above for this giveaway. This official posting will consist of the current prize giveaway, and will remain posted to our facebook page even after this particular giveaway episode of the contest has ended.
Recent Giveaway Activity:
October/November 2012
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
10/28  10/29  10/30  10/31 
Congratulations to our free SDK case winner Josh Hardy

$100 ABUniverse.com store credit to the first person to correctly answer the trivia question in the official post. (waiting for response from runner-up winner)
11  12  13 
$100 ABUniverse.com store credit to the winner of the random drawing as outlined in the current contest details above.
14  15  16  17 
18  19  20  21  22  23  24 
25  26  27  28  29  30   
Contest official rules and details:
Random Giveaway Outline Of Events:
1:  The official posting will be randomly decided.
  - The prize to be given away is decided. The prize could be anything, possibly including things that ABUniverse doesn't even sell.
  - The method of winning is decided. It could be a specified commenter, specified 'liker', or the first person to correctly answer a trivia question to give a few examples.
  - The day of the official posting is decided. The next official posting could be anywhere from two to ten days in the future.
  - Advanced warning will be given on the calendar within this page and on our official Facebook page of the next official posting giveaway opportunity.
2:  The official posting is made to our official ABU Facebook page.
  - This posting will be as it was decided during step 1 of the outline. It will be self-evident within the posting itself what the prize will be and how the winner will be selected.
3:  The winner claims the prize.
  - ABUniverse will add a comment to the thread indicating the winner from among the current participants. We will use the publicly displayed name of their Facebook account to acknowledge them as the winner.
  - The winner will be asked to immediately initiate a private message to the ABUniverse Facebook page, using the winning Facebook account, in order to claim the prize. (Yes individual fb accounts can initiate a new private message thread to a business fb page, but not the other way around - which was the main issue with the previous contest.)
  - The winner will then have 10 minutes to send this requested private message, otherwise a new winner will be picked as the very next qualified participant (e.g. if it is a trivia question then the chronologically next correct answer response would be the runner-up winner).
General Contest Rules & Details:
  • Any and all qualifying statements made above on this page will define the structure of the current giveaway in addition to the general rules outlined below.
  • The same individual or members of their household may not win the prize from any contest more than once in any 12 month period. Winners may be required to provide a picture of their government issued ID to confirm identity and/or a picture of a utility bill addressed to them at their prize shipping address.
  • Unclaimed prizes will go to the next qualified runner-up winner for that official posting.
  • We will only ship prizes for Free to potential winners with shipping addresses inside the contiguous United States. Any winner shipping to a country outside the contiguous U.S. or shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or other U.S. territories must pay shipping charges and any applicable taxes or duties.
  • Winners must be 18 years of age or older. Any potential minor winner must have a parent or legal guardian claim their prize or they will forfeit the prize to the next runner-up winner for that official posting.
  • Contest winners will receive a one-time shipment of their winnings.
  • Employees of ABU or CHSI and their family members are not eligible.
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • Contest rules subject to change without notice and this contest may end at any time.
  • This contest is void where prohibited by law.

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